Avail Best Interactive Voice Response Services

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient. IVR system is a technology that accepts a combination of voice telephone input, touch-tone keypad selection and provides appropriate responses in the form of e-mail, fax, call-back, voice, and perhaps other media. We offer Interactive Voice Response services which allows a pre-recorded voice to interact with peoples through DTMF tones input by the keypad and voice.

What Are The Uses of Interactive Voice Response Services?

There are many uses for IVR systems, the most common one is to automate inbound and outbound calls and to route calls. This IVR system eliminates the need for a switchboard operator to answer incoming calls. Interactive Voice Response often presents a caller with a menu of options and can attempt to answer frequently asked questions. When a customer calls a movie theater to inquire about the movie times, this IVRS uses an updated database to present the caller with a list of the latest available movie times and help to eliminate call wait times. The IVR system can be used in different manners like stock and bank account balances and transfers, in call center forwarding, selective information lookup, simple order entry transactions, and office call routing.

Benefits of interactive voice response

IVR technology can benefit both small and large businesses in the following ways:

·  Saves money and time: IVR technology can provide commonly requested information like directions, hours of operation, etc. and replace humans to answer frequently asked questions. IVR provides virtual receptionists and saves a lot on labor. The IVR solution will work all day even under high volume calls.

·  Greater customer satisfaction: The IVR system eliminates the wait times by responding to a caller immediately. You can make use of the IVR systems at any time of their convenience. IVR systems are always at the customer’s disposal while holidays, office hours, and breaks dictate.

·   24/7 better customer service:  IVR technology is available to provide information to callers whenever they need it and can operate without any interruptions. A quick response is always available with any question that a customer might have. The answering a call on the first ring, reduce the customer wait time, cutting call volume, and save time for both the client and company.

·   Error Free: An IVR system makes your entire process less error-prone with compared to relying on a traditional receptionist.

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