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Next Tech Digital is a leading and reliable bulk SMS service provider in Noida, India.We provide bulk SMS service in your city as per your requirements at affordable prices.We are the leading mobile data solutions provider that caters to individuals and corporate.We offer various text messaging solutions for businesses and individuals, and bulk SMS services focusing on SMS gateway integration. We are a global player in business texting services and solutions.

What is the Need of Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS Sender is a tool for sending the text message or SMS in mass without using a mobile phone. By Bulk SMS, you can push the simple message to a mobile phone. It is a service or device or bulk SMS solution that is offering by bulk SMS service providers. Bulk SMS is a tool which send Bulk SMS by internet to the customers on the handheld device and allow you to upload the excel sheet, notepad file to send messages in bulk by pressing few buttons of your keyword.

Benefits of Bulk SMS in Marketing

Bulk SMS Services as a marketing tool offers several distinct advantages such as magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, and the internet.
· These SMS can reach to users instantly without being too intrusive like a phone call.
·   It can be delivered to the people irrespective of time and location. The SMS is received the moment the phone is switched on or even if the phone is switched off.
· People can collect the feedback by using missed call services, if they are interested, so you have a more accurate idea of the success of your marketing strategy.
·   Bulk SMS services are much cheaper than advertising on radio or TV for the same or even more amount of reach.
·   With Bulk message services, you can send messages to millions of people at once and don’t have to laboriously send messages to every recipient.
· You do not require any expensive technology or special infrastructure to implement send SMS.
· Upon received SMS, users can reply or call to the given contact number specified in the original message.
·   We make sure that the message through SMS will reach the user, irrespective of whether they choose to read it or not.

    ·  Bulk SMS re-seller helps you to keep in touch with your regular customers in a more personalized way.


 Why every Business Should Use Our Reliable Bulk SMS Services?

  • Bulk SMS beats all the other channels' hands down with 97% open rates for social media channels and email and 10 times the response rate. 
  • SMS also has a high response rate and by adding links within the SMS, customers can improve conversion rate, sales, and website engagement.
  • Bulk SMS service platform is designed to help small to large business owners who want to send alerts SMS, promotional, OTP, multimedia, and marketing.
  • Our main aim is to make the SMS Industry simple, transparent and less costly. 
  • Bulk SMS Gateway can help the Conversion rates across the customer life-cycle acquisition, engagement, and retention.
  • For any inquiry or purchase, you make call on our number mentioned on the website.